AtmoPwd Update Coming This Week

AtmoPwd, the command-line password generator, will receive an update sometime this week. The next beta release will fix a few issues such as: * Prevent application information from showing when valid values are entered. * Removing the useless options -v and -h Keep a lookout for the next beta release.continue reading →

LiteIPS Command-Line IPS Patcher Released

The first release of LiteIPS is now available. LiteIPS is a lightweight command-line IPS patcher  (International Patching System) for Windows, Linux and Mac. Features: Patching to a file. Optional patching to a copy of a file (so that the original is not modified.) Patching using an IPS patch located online. If patching fails with an error, then no files will be modified. Single application that runs on all major operating systems. Small application file size. Download it on the official page.continue reading →

Command-line Password Generator AtmoPwd Released

AtomoPwd version 0.1.0 (Alpha 1) has been released. AtomoPwd is a command-line password generator. AtmoPwd, short for "atmospheric password," generates truly random passwords using atmospheric noise. It is an unofficial client for the website Features: Connects securely to the password service Generates truly random passwords using atmospheric noise. Allows character sets to be specified for password generation. Allows for the creation of pronounceable passwords. Supports password lengths up to 64 characters. Runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac.  continue reading →

Important Notice for SBWin Converter Users

If you are using an older version of SBWin Converter (below 3.2.0) it is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest release. A bug was discovered in older versions of SBWin that may cause the converter to create mismatched files (the output file names may not correspond to the input files.) This bug is known to at least affect version 3.0.0; the latest version should not have this issue.continue reading →

Coming Soon: Command-line Password Generator

A new (free) command-line application that generates true random passwords (using atmospheric noise.) is currently nearing completion. This handy utility will be freely available on It will run on Linux, Mac, and Windows (via Mono or Microsoft's .NET Framework.) Stay tuned for more information, and expect a release soon (hopefully before the end of this month.)  continue reading →