IPS Peek: Upcoming Features

IPS Peek Version 0.2.0 was just released, but that is just the beginning. In the next few versions, several new features are coming. Below is a list of some of the upcoming additions to IPS Peek: Better Data View (Hex viewer) features; standard hex editor features such as: Find, Select All, Copy Hex and more. More configuration options (changing appearance, disabling/enabling features, etc.) More export formats. Currently, only text exporting is supported; More formats are coming. Custom tools These are just some of what's to come. Expect even more features before version 1.0.0!…continue reading →

IPS Peek Version 0.2.0 Released

IPS Peek, the IPS (International Patching System) patch viewer, has been updated to version 0.2.0. This version adds some nice new features such as: * 'Modified' appears in status bar. * Added 'Go To Row' and 'Copy Row' menu items. * Added 'Size (Hex)', '#' (row number) and 'IPS Size (Hex)' columns. * 'Size' and 'IPS Size' columns now display in decimal. * Columns can be reordered and hidden (by right clicking the column headers.) * Exporting only exports visible columns. * Export file format improved. * Data view bytes are no longer…continue reading →

IPS Peek Version 0.2.0 Sneak Peek

IPS Peek version 0.2.0 will be released soon. IPS Peek is a utility for exploring the data inside of an IPS (International Patching System) patch file. Here is a sneak peek at the UI changes and new features: The first thing you may notice is the green down arrow button and the copy button. The arrow button, when pressed, will allow you to go to a specified row. The copy button will allow you to copy a selected row. Other additions coming in 0.2.0: Columns can be hidden and reordered to your liking…continue reading →

IPS Info (Beta) Released

The first beta of IPS Info has just been released. IPS Info is a command line application that lists IPS (International Patching System) patch records and other information. It shows elements of an IPS patch such as: offset, patch type, patch size, resize information (for ‘Lunar IPS’ patches), and more! IPS Info runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Read more and download here: http://www.codeisle.com/ips-info/continue reading →

IPS Peek (Beta) Released

The first release (version beta) of IPS Peek is ready for download. IPS Peek is a tool used to look inside of IPS (International Patching System) patches. Features include: Shows patch records, record sizes, offsets and more! Shows Lunar IPS truncate extension (CHS). Shows the data (in a hex view) that is written by a patch record. Shows total size of all modified data. Allows exporting of patch information to a text file for later use. Filtering support. IPS Peek is currently in beta, but it is fully functional. You can read more…continue reading →