New Issue Tracker Live

Migration to the new issue tracker (The Bug Genie 3) is complete. You may now access the new tracker at, just as before. Please report any issues you have found, or request new features there. Currently, the only project listed is SBWin Converter. You can report issues with SBWin at the following link:¬† reading → Chooses The Bug Genie for Issue Tracking

The issue tracker used on's project website is currently in the process of being changed to The Bug Genie (from the current traq tracker). The projects page (located at will be ¬†relaunched with the new tracker (The Bug Genie 3) this week. On this website, users will be able to submit any bugs or feature requests for the various products released by reading →

New Web Pages Added

The following pages were added for our current projects: Now you can read many help documents and other information for our software here: If you would like to report a bug or suggest a feature for our software, please check out: http://www.projects.codeisle.comcontinue reading →