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Important Notice for SBWin Converter Us...


If you are using an older version of SBWin Converter (below 3.2.0) it is highly recommended to upgrade to the latest release. A bug was discovered in older versions of SBWin that may cause the converter to create mismatched files (the output file names may not correspond to the input files.) This bug is known […]

SBWin Converter 3.2.0 Portable Edition Relea...


SBWin 3.2.0 PE (Portable Edition), the SEGA Genesis ROM converter for Windows,  has been released. This release is identical to the current release of SBWin Converter, except that it requires no installation; it can be run directly from the folder. You can download it now on the following page: This is the first time SBWin […]

SEGA Genesis ROM Converter 3.2.0 Update Incom...


SBWin, the SEGA Genesis ROM converter, is getting a fresh update that fixes a lot of issues that were found in 3.1.1. On top of that, some big user interface changes were made to make the experience of using the application much better. Some if the changes: Zip compression bugs fixed Combined compression was removed […]

SBWin Converter Updated to Version 3....


SBWin, the SEGA Genesis ROM converter, has been updated to version 3.1.1. This update contains a few enhancements and one notable new feature: overwrite prompt control. Available on the options dialog, “Overwrite prompt” can be turned off (so you will not receive overwrite prompts [or warnings] when converting files). Grab it on the following page:

SBWin Converter Gets Online Help (Work in Progre...

SBWin Converter Gets Online Help (Work in Progress)

SBWin, the SEGA Genesis ROM converter, now has an official help site. Soon, it will contain detailed instructions on how to use SBWin Converter (currently, is it partially complete). It can be found at the following page: Webutation
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