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AtmoPwd Command-Line Password Generator Version 0.1.2 (Be...


AtmoPwd version 0.1.2 (Beta) has been released. AtmoPwd is a command-line password generator. AtmoPwd, short for “atmospheric password,” generates truly random passwords using atmospheric noise. It is an unofficial client for the website Features: Connects securely to the password service Generates truly random passwords using atmospheric noise. Allows character sets to be specified […]

IPS Peek Version 0.2.0 Relea...


IPS Peek, the IPS (International Patching System) patch viewer, has been updated to version 0.2.0. This version adds some nice new features such as: * ‘Modified’ appears in status bar. * Added ‘Go To Row’ and ‘Copy Row’ menu items. * Added ‘Size (Hex)’, ‘#’ (row number) and ‘IPS Size (Hex)’ columns. * ‘Size’ and […]

IPS Peek (Beta) Relea...


The first release (version beta) of IPS Peek is ready for download. IPS Peek is a tool used to look inside of IPS (International Patching System) patches. Features include: Shows patch records, record sizes, offsets and more! Shows Lunar IPS truncate extension (CHS). Shows the data (in a hex view) that is written by a […]

SBWin Converter 3.2.0 Portable Edition Relea...


SBWin 3.2.0 PE (Portable Edition), the SEGA Genesis ROM converter for Windows,  has been released. This release is identical to the current release of SBWin Converter, except that it requires no installation; it can be run directly from the folder. You can download it now on the following page: This is the first time SBWin […]

SBWin Portable Edition Coming S...


‘SBWin’ version 3.2.0 is currently available, but requires installation. Coming soon, a second distribution of ‘SBWin’ will be released: ‘SBWin Portable Edition’ (or ‘PE’ for short). ”SBWin PE’ is essentially the same as the currently available version, but requires no installation. You simply unzip the archive, then run the program by double-clicking the executable. Downloads […] Webutation
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